Saturday, 29 October 2016

Book Review | Single by Christmas by Rosa Temple

Single by Christmas by Rosa Temple
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publication Date: November 1st, 2016
Source: Received from the Author (Thank You)
You’ve heard the saying, ‘opposites attract’ haven’t you? Well meet 27 year old Alex Marshall, a party girl with a penchant for free flowing Prosecco, and her devilishly handsome scientist boyfriend, Charlie, who loves jazz and dinner for two.
Alex and Charlie are together for 11 blissful months until Alex goes out of town and does something she will later regret. Was she drunk? You bet. Does she want Charlie to know? Well what do you think?
With the couple about to spend their first Christmas together will Charlie be the forgiving kind or will Alex be Single by Christmas?
This is a feel good, Christmas novel with very few mince pies, not much snow and absolutely no mistletoe – just a couple of best friends, a sociopathic nemesis and a lot of drinking.
Rosa Temple's festive romance story- SINGLE BY CHRISTMAS starts off with Alex, the protagonist, waiting for her boyfriend in the graveyard of the church on Christmas Eve. When Charlie doesn't show up for the midnight mass, Alex's thoughts wind back to the events that lead to this situation. Amongst partying hard, helping friends and tackling issues at the office, Alex forgets to heed attention to the important person in her life and thus wrecks her peace of mind as well as the Christmas.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Blog Tour | Celebrations & Confetti by Rebecca Raisin

Hey! Did you know that Rebecca Raisin's new book is out? It's titled as CELEBRATIONS & CONFETTI - the first book in AT CEDARWOOD LODGE series. Two more books will be published soon. Hurrah! Today, I've reviewed the book as a part of the blog tour for the aforementioned book. Scroll down to read the review and more about the book.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Book Review | The Christmas Town ♥ We Were On A Break

The Christmas Town by Donna VanLiere
Genre: Christmas Fiction
Publication Date: 18th October 2016
Publishers: St. Martin's Press (Received from publishers. Thank You!)

Lauren, a twenty-years-old girl,  places an ad on Craigslist, stating she is looking for a family to spend Christmas with. She is expecting this Christmas to be different from the previous years, which she celebrated either with foster parents or alone at her apartment. She never thought a long drive to the next town could bring so many changes in her life. Lauren becomes a part of the town sooner than she realises.  

Monday, 17 October 2016

The Ultimate Guide for Surviving A Book Buying Ban

Admit it! The book buying bans are terrible and painful. It's worse than our favourite book series coming to an end or even an endearing character getting killed in the story. At least to me, it is so. I easily forget what happened to the characters and tend to move on with the next book within a few days. But, the book buying bans are horrible- it nags me to the core for most of the day. And each time, I open my Instagram account, all those books scream silently at me and shouts "BUY ME NOW". Then comes the awful part when you got to skip all the reviews and discussions and even looking at the beautiful covers of those newly printed books. 

Things were pretty much easier before I became a blogger and #bookstagrammer. However, at present, it has become impossible as getting a Camel through the eye of a needle. BUT, I DID SUCCESSFULLY SURVIVE A BOOK BUYING BAN FOR 5 MONTHS. I'll tell you how I did it. Scroll down, please.    

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Blog Tour | A Cotswold Christmas by Kate Hewitt

Hello, fellow bookworms! I'm so happy to be a part of Kate Hewitt's A COTSWOLD CHRISTMAS. It was a complete delight and seemed perfect for festive season reading. I really liked it. Scroll down to read my review... 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Book Review | A Winter's Wish ♥ A New York Love Story

A Winter's Wish by Alice Ross
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publication Date: October 10th, 2016
Publishers: Carina UK

Jumped right into the book, without any forethought, since my last visit to Buttersley was a pleasant one. The fabulous Christmassy cover piqued my interest even more. A WINTER'S WISH is the third instalment in Countryside Dreams series, written by Alice Ross. This festive book tells the story of four residents at Buttersley - a fictitious English village. Amelia has come to Buttersley from London to recover from a heartbreak, Stan is discontented with his family life devoid of love, Ella is infatuated with her boss's husband, and Phil is unsure about whether or not to leave Buttersley for Australia, where his girlfriend resides currently.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Book Review | Christmas in Eternity Springs - Faith, Love, and Second Chances

Christmas in Eternity Springs by Emily March
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: October 4th, 2016
Publishers: St. Martin's Press (Thank You for the review copy)
Can Miss Christmas find her spirit again?
After a devastating betrayal, Claire Branham packs up the pieces of her life, along with a twenty-million-dollar secret, and moves to Eternity Springs. She opens a specialty shop—Forever Christmas—and, with the help of a surprise romance with the town’s sexy new handyman, Claire’s heart begins to heal. Until her past comes knocking…
Jax Lancaster never questioned the need to abandon his career as a Navy submariner in order to care for his young son in the wake of his ex-wife’s death. Desperate to help with this loss, Jax straps on a tool belt to give Nicholas the one thing he wants: A life in Eternity Springs. What Jax never expected to find a second chance at love with a fascinating woman for whom Christmas has become a business. But when the truth about Claire threatens their newfound happiness, can Jax prove to her that in Eternity Springs, the spirit of Christmas is real. . .and will last a lifetime?
Christmas in Eternity Springs is the twelfth installment in Emily March's acclaimed Eternity Springs series.
Claire's festive season memories are associated with the unhappy chapters of her life. She has opened a shop called 'Forever Christmas' at Eternity Springs, hoping to defeat one thing she is most afraid of - Christmas. Jax had come to town with his son, who suffers from a trauma after his estranged wife's death. On a summer day in July, Claire and Jax meet at the Mineral Springs pool and then began a new chapter of their life. 

Monday, 3 October 2016

September Wrap-up

Hello, there!

How did September treat you?

My days were spectacular, a lot has happened and most of them were the happy ones. I'm so grateful and content for the life I have now. It's like enjoying the long awaited sunny days after days of storm and ceaseless rain.  I've been reading and enjoying more books now, than in the previous months of this year - which I consider as a positive thing to be counted on.