Saturday, 22 July 2017

Chapter 1: Cleansing The Mind & Letting It All Go

Cleansing of negative vibes & nourishing the mind. It sounds so effortless when I put it like that. Boy! had I known how onerous these tasks were, I would've been diligent while choosing the path to tread on. A series of distasteful events drained me emotionally and turned me into a bitter, whiny, and depressed person. Anyway, I would like to tell you how I succeeded in overcoming those hurdles in lieu of the whats and hows of those past incidents.

Walk Away From Negative Comments
Argh! You require a strong mind to ignore the mocking voices. Snide remarks hurt me intensely and I always had an urge to fight back. Walking away without saying a word used to put me in a foul mood and ended up getting drenched in my tears. It took me months to master the art of giving the cold shoulder to anyone, who verbally abused me. Not getting any response dampened their mood, I guess. I'm still being mocked at times, but I've stopped taking the bait and have learnt to smile/nod at them in return.

Vent Out The Hard Feelings/Emotions
Bottling up the emotions is a definite no-no in any cases. Having some methods to vent out the feelings is a must; such as running, meditation, writing, music, talking to your family and seeking help or some silly methods to release the anger built up inside your mind. Don't let the emotions take control of your thoughts, actions and words. Just let it go (it took me nearly two years to let the matters finally go and focus on the positive things in life).

Cutting Off  Meaningless Relations
Or keep a distance? Sounds rude, I know. So unrefined and unladylike. Those were the people who were very close to me once, more like a family. But I couldn't hold on to those relations any longer for everyone's sake. It wasn't easy for me to pretend everything was okay when I was being ill-treated all the time. So, one fine evening after a family gathering, I made up my mind to do what was required and I immediately felt free.

We all may not be on the same page, especially on the third point. But, in my case, it seemed necessary. We might reconcile in the future, I still maintain a hello-how-you-doing relationship with them, accept their sarcastic comments with a nod and move on.

Am I doing it right? I really have no clue. But, I'm happy now. God only knows how much I missed being contented and yearned for a normal day.

And thus came an end to a long being emotionally bullied chapter of my life.


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